Why you shouldn’t wait with dental problems.

Why you shouldn’t wait with dental problems. Why should you not wait when something is bothering you? Dental problems in your mouth, quite simply, do not get better by themselves. That’s  a general rule. You wouldn’t, for instance, allow a rotting support beam in your house to go un-repaired for very long. Nor would you […]

Dental Crowns, what are they?

Dental Crowns, what are they? Why we need dental crowns. Bacteria, decay, trauma…these are all enemies of our teeth. Often times without proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, these enemies win some battles against our teeth. Dental crowns are a way of giving reinforcement to those damaged teeth. Bacteria is the main culprit. They […]

New Dental Videos

Our New Dental Videos! We’re getting some informative dental videos on our site! I’m pleased to share that we will be getting some very informative dental videos added to our site over the next week or so. These videos will range anywhere in between the process of getting a composite dental filling to how we […]

Can We Regrow Teeth?

Can We Regrown Teeth? New technique involving lasers shows it is possible to regrow teeth (or parts of it). There are some “bright” (literally) new ideas coming down the line in regards to dental technology. Namely, researchers have recently accomplished the task of coaxing dental stem cells in teeth to regrow parts of itself (in the case […]

Root Canal, More Information

Root Canal, More Information Root Canal Treatment, the Fears and the Facts Root canal treatment has had a pretty bad rep in the past. “The most terrible pain in the world!” some have exclaimed, “I’ll get you for this!” others have shouted. These outcries and exclamations are unwarranted in our modern era. Perhaps prior to […]

Tooth Anatomy, a closer look

Tooth Anatomy, a closer look Tooth: The left side of the image is the exterior view, and the right side is the interior graphic. 1. Enamel: Hard calcified tissue covering dentin of the crown of the tooth. 2. Anatomical Crown: That portion of tooth covered by, and including, enamel. 3. Gingiva (gums): Soft tissues overlying […]