DC Jazz Fest 2016 – Back and Better Than Ever!

The DC Jazz Festival is about to kick off to a great start, beginning June 10th and lasting all the way to June 19th! The event spans four locations across the Washington, D.C. area, giving you ample opportunity to check out one of the great shows these musicians have to offer. Since there are so […]

Summer in DC 2015

Summer in DC 2015 So many activities! Summer in DC 2015 Washington, DC comes even more alive than it already is when summer roles around. With such a vast amount of activities and events to choose from during the summer, there’s seemingly always something to do. Festivals, outdoor movies and music, pick-up games of volley […]

Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Some things to do for Fall 2014 Ahh…that fresh, crisp autumn air! Breathe it in! Now that summer has officially ended, I can go outside and enjoy what DC has to offer again! That’s right, no more humid, mid-90’s days. It’s shifting over to the much preferred mid-50’s with that lovely breeze. It’s […]

Summer in the City: Part Three

Summer in the City: Part Three Free Outdoor Music Oh, DC, as if you couldn’t get any better. Did you know that there are a LOT of locations to see great music…for free? That’s right! I’ve only found out within the last few years, and I’ve lived here for a long time. That being said, I want […]

Summer in the City: Part Two

Summer in the City: Part Two Outdoor Movies! One of my all time favorite things to do in Washington, DC is to watch movies outside in the summer time. It’s awesome, and (usually) it’s FREE! The showings are all over town and the movies are usually classics. That’s Casablanca in the photo I took above, as […]

Washington, DC. What to do this summer.

Washington, DC. What to do this summer. The city in summer. In my opinion, Washington, DC is unique, in that for a city, you really do have such a VAST panorama of attractions, outdoor activities, and in general, freedom of movement, freedom of action and activity. You don’t have that stuffy city feel that you […]