Seven Tips for Choosing Dental Care for Your Family

Ensuring that you get right family dental care can seem daunting because each member of the family has different treatment needs. What do you need to pay attention to when considering dental care package for your family? We have put together a list of seven tips for you to note before making a decision. Talk […]

Which dental plan is right for you?

Minovi Dental_See Dentist Every 6 months

  With the rising costs of everything from food to gas to home premiums, it is quite easy to cross off having the right dental plan from the list of necessary expenses. After all — you just need to visit the dentist every six months for cleaning, right? Nothing life-threatening or urgent really, but what […]

Making the Perfect Smile – What can we do for you?

Making the Perfect Smile About smiles. Great looking teeth, and a beautiful smile are something that most of us want. In fact 80% of people surveyed by the AACD have stated they would spend to make their smiles more attractive. Also 48% of those surveyed believe that your smile is your most memorable attribute. Imperfections in a smile […]

New Look for the New Year!

New Look for the New Year!   We’ve Renovated! I figured I should write something about our renovations for the New Year, as, a number of times our patients have walked in and wondered if they were in the right dental office. We reassured them, of course, that they were. We’ve renovated! Yes, we did, […]

Cosmetic Dentistry for the New Year

Cosmetic Dentistry for the New Year Looking to Cosmetic Dentistry in the New Year? ‘Tis the season of New Year resolutions. This time of year many decisions are made. Decisions about what we’re looking to change, improve, cease doing, start doing, etc. Many of us have use this time to reflect on, and make decisions […]

New Dental Videos

Our New Dental Videos! We’re getting some informative dental videos on our site! I’m pleased to share that we will be getting some very informative dental videos added to our site over the next week or so. These videos will range anywhere in between the process of getting a composite dental filling to how we […]

The Magic of Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Cosmetic Dental Veneers  Cosmetic Dental Veneers, What Are They? Cosmetic dental veneers are a very thin piece of porcelain that goes on top of or covers the front of an anterior (or front) tooth. It is used for enhancing the appearance of teeth for the most part. For instance, if you have a gap in […]

Invisalign – The CLEAR Alternative

Invisalign What is Invisalign? I’ll get into exactly what Invisalign is shortly, but first, I wanted to go over what the only options were for straightening your teeth before clear aligners came into existence. The only things orthodontists and dentists had to work with before clear aligners like Invisalign came out were metal brackets, rubber […]