What About Snoring? How snoring can affect you.

Snoring and you. What to know. What about snoring? Snoring is a pretty common thing. A thing that is often loud, and often keeps those in our immediate vicinity awake and wishing us snorers were in a different room, or bed. I snore, and my significant other very often wakes up from some terrible dream […]

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions New Years Resolutions It’s the New Year! Almost all of us make New Years resolutions right about now. A lot of them have to do with appearance; weightlifting resolutions, running resolutions, weight loss resolutions, cosmetically-inclined resolutions, etc. It’s the time, right now, to reflect on what we want to be different in […]

Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Healthy for the Holidays

Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Healthy for the Holidays The Holidays: Full of good food, good fun, great people, and good food… There is a lot to look forward to during the Holidays. Family, friends, time off, the joy of giving, World Peace (hopefully), and food. Food is the main ingredient in the recipe for […]

New Dental Videos

Our New Dental Videos! We’re getting some informative dental videos on our site! I’m pleased to share that we will be getting some very informative dental videos added to our site over the next week or so. These videos will range anywhere in between the process of getting a composite dental filling to how we […]

Teeth Whitening Info

Teeth Whitening Info Teeth Whitening, different options. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the last decade or so, and one of the quickest and cheapest cosmetic options out there is the old go-to…teeth whitening. Just think about that for a moment, of all of the cosmetic procedures that are out there (veneers, braces, […]

Dental Problems and Aging

Dental Problems and Aging Some of the main dental problems that start showing up when you’re getting older: Well, obviously as something get’s older (like your teeth) more and more things are liable to occur with them. This is why, when speaking about your teeth, regular cleanings and checkups become more and more important. I’m […]

Invisalign – The CLEAR Alternative

Invisalign What is Invisalign? I’ll get into exactly what Invisalign is shortly, but first, I wanted to go over what the only options were for straightening your teeth before clear aligners came into existence. The only things orthodontists and dentists had to work with before clear aligners like Invisalign came out were metal brackets, rubber […]

Tooth Pain While Running?

Get Tooth Pain While Running? Experiencing tooth pain during or after your run? I’ve been told by many people recently that they experience tooth pain when they run or jog. Some have even told me that other exercises have ended in them feeling tooth and gum pain or sensitivity. I was told I must find […]

Bad breath? It may not only be from those onions you had at lunch.

Bad Breath: The conversation killer. What does bad breath come from? Well, I’m glad you asked! First off, obviously bad breath, or halitosis, can be a rather touchy subject. Your good friends often won’t let you know you have it, your family…maybe. It’s both a conversation killer, and a conversation starter (you just might not […]