Sincerely, a very grateful patient.

I write to you to briefly express my gratitude to you and the members of your practice throughout the reconstructive procedures we initiated approximately one year ago.

AS you may recall, I came to your practice after completing law school, during which time my ability to seek competent dental care was woefully lacking. Shortly after my first visit, you diagnosed a latent infection related to an accident and subsequent dental procedures that had been ongoing for more than a decade. I was also preparing to get married and to travel overseas for my honeymoon. We decided on a plan that would allow for brief respite, but would also commit to an intensive and sustained process. Along the way, the surgeon and other specialists you recommended confirmed your diagnosis and demonstrated a similar level of professionalism and excellence. Nearly a year (and a decade – depending on the point of reference) later.

It can be a random process by which people pick and choose their health and medical practitioners. I feel very lucky to have selected your practice and to have received such a high level of service, care, and professionalism throughout this process-from you and all of the members of your staff.

I would have to say that I like Dr. Minovi the most. She did a thorough job in explaining the condition of my mouth and also included the necessary treatment.

Expert care and helpful staff.

I am very happy with the service I have received thus far! I am grateful for the honesty with which Dr. Minovi and staff approach the dental service! I am looking forward to completing my personal dental plan with Dr. Minovi and staff.

DC Patient
Professionalism, skill and totally up-to-date with the new technology and procedures…

I adore Dr. Minovi and I come every 6 months to hear her latest news. The staff is consistently WONDERFUL! I was totally in love with Vina and sad when she left, but the new front desk staff is great too. When I asked if I could move my last appt, they were sooo forgiving—something I really needed that day! I’m totally loyal.

DC Patient
5 Stars! I love the office’s proximity to my office. I love the appointment reminders via email/text. I appreciate the warm staff. I LOVE the work you do! I wouldn’t change the staff for anything.

Everyone is very warm and friendly – I feel like a part of the family. My uncle used to take care of my teeth and now it’s Dr. Minovi.

I love the concern about me and my son as I enter the office. I always get treated with so much respect and that means so much.

J. and D.T.
Everyone is friendly, efficient and considerate.

The office staff and doctors are pleasant, kind, helpful, and courteous. What more can a patient ask for?

V.A. Resident
I like how high tech and impeccably clean the office is. And the staff is always very friendly. But Dr. Minovi is the reason I keep coming back.

Dr. Sammy Krait is great! He explains everything he is doing and makes sure you understand. The staff is awesome!